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Welcome to my homepage! I'm not too sure what exactly it will be about but probably just about me and myself, and my little insignifigant life! So I hope you like it! If not just email me and tell me what you think. Arite? Late.

Find me on AOL as HSoJ373


I'm Josh and I'm half white and half puerto rican. (there's pics of me on here so ya'll can see me) I live in Texas and go to Judson High School. I have one semester left and then I'll be going to college, I still have to decide which one though. I have a great girlfriend, Lesley, who I love very much. My friends are few and far between, so if you are my friend feel priveleged cuz I don't have very many and if you are my friend then you must be pretty special.

I like all kinds of movies and music and sports. Basketball is the greatest though, but guess what? I DON'T LIKE THE SPURS! They only won the Championship last year because it wasn't a full season. They can't do it again. I like the Timberwolves, Suns, and the Kings are alright too.

The best movies are the ones that do all the things that everyone thinks should be covered up and hidden from the public. So that would be SEX, VIOLENCE, PROFANITY, and VULGARITY. So I recommend, Pulp Fiction, Mallrats, Clerks, Chasing Amy, Animal House, umm.. and I dunno what else right now. I HAVE NEVER SEEN ALL OF TITANIC... I am one of like a small handful that can say that. I have seen the nude part and the end when everyone dies, but thats it. So basically I saw the best parts.

My music's gotta be loud, but I like a variety. Just NO COUNTRY!.. I like rock, rap, trip hop, r&b.. wutever.. Limp Bizkit and Wu Tang are the best though, I also have Kid Rock, Nas, Stabbing Westward, Tricky, Sublime, Rage Against the Machine, System of a Down.. and the list goes on and on... Well thats a little bit of useless info about me.

These are some pictures of me and my girlfriend, Lesley

Just in case you were wondering I am not a pyromaniac or anything I just thought the fire looked cool, closer to nympho actually (j/k).